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by killacycle
Fri Oct 14, 2016 2:49 pm
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Onodrim -- enlarged build volume TAZ-like machine
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Starting a 1m^3 build volume printer (was: Onodrim -- enlarged build volume TAZ-like machine)

Very interesting build. I am embarking on a 1 meter cubed build volume Taz based printer. Just in the beginning phases. Gathering parts. CADing up pieces. The heated bed is definitely a challenge. Haven't started on that quite yet. I figured on a 120 volt heater as it is obvious that 24 volts is _wa...
by killacycle
Fri Oct 14, 2016 1:27 pm
Forum: Filament
Topic: ninjaflex bed sticking?
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Re: ninjaflex bed sticking?

We print NinjaFlex on a plain glass bed. Works great. Seems to stay in place while printing. Finished parts peel off the naked glass easily. It is a bit of a pain to swap the heated bed when printing flexible filaments, but it is much easier than getting NinjaFlex parts off the standard bed, that is...
by killacycle
Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:29 pm
Forum: LulzBot TAZ
Topic: LulzBot TAZ Tool Head v2 skips filament
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Re: LulzBot TAZ Tool Head v2 skips filament

You are printing with PLA and I notice that you have the little blower cooling the heat sink on the hotend. You are running into what is called "heat creep" in the PLA filament. Basically, the filament is softening too early in the extruder. The new Taz 6 has gone away from the tiny blower and uses ...
by killacycle
Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:58 pm
Forum: Filament
Topic: Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel PLA
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Re: Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel PLA

Here is a hotend heatsink cooler duct that fits the Taz printer and Hexigon hotends that I built loosely based on the E3D hotend duct design: Direct swap for the small blower on the Taz 5. Here is an overhead spool holder that I designed and installed on my T...
by killacycle
Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:26 pm
Forum: Filament
Topic: Filament separation issue
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Re: Filament separation issue

If it is heat creep, then you can put either my hot-end cooling duct & 25mm fan, (or a Taz6 hotend cooling duct & 40mm fan) in place of the wimpy stock blower. Part and installation instructions: No stuck nozzles, no spaghetti, no "lace" layers, whatsoever si...
by killacycle
Wed Jun 08, 2016 1:12 pm
Forum: Software
Topic: new simplify3d use problems
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Re: new simplify3d use problems

I have been using s3d for about 6 months on my Taz 5 without any issues. Could be that you have some sort of configuration problem. (S3d may be giving G code to your machine that is not meant for your particular machine.) I switch back and forth from Cura to s3d all the time. (There are parts that I...
by killacycle
Mon Jun 06, 2016 4:48 pm
Forum: LulzBot TAZ
Topic: Difficulties with prime tower/ooze shield failures
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Re: Difficulties with prime tower/ooze shield failures

Most definitely use a brim on the wipe tower. We often tape down the brim on the wipe tower when it gets a few cm tall to keep it from falling over.

Haven had much luck with an ooze shield. <meh> The wipe tower is generally all we use.

Bill D.
by killacycle
Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:59 am
Forum: LulzBot TAZ
Topic: Catastrophic failure
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Re: Catastrophic failure

The electronics does not tolerate heat very well. If you put your printer in an enclosure, and you want the inside of the enclosure greater than about 30 Celsius, you should somehow vent or cool your electronics with outside air.

Bill D.
by killacycle
Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:51 am
Forum: Filament
Topic: Heat creep with PLA or something else?
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Re: Heat creep with PLA or something else?

It is tough to tell whether you have a feed problem or a temperature problem. Could be either one. If the extruder temperature is getting too low, then the feed will get difficult and the motor temperature will go up. The fact that filament is not grinding and filling the hobbed bolt with sheared pi...
by killacycle
Wed May 25, 2016 5:33 pm
Forum: Filament
Topic: PLA Heat Creep - SOLVED
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Re: PLA Heat Creep - SOLVED

Look at hotend temperature on the LCD display. If it is getting to temperature OK, maintaining temperature OK, and not overshooting by more than a couple of degrees, then the PID control needn't be adjusted. If you notice a problem, then there is an "autotune" feature built in that will adjust the t...