1st layer speed issues

Hey everyone, Just received my Taz4 yesterday. All setup leveled and printing. But I seem to be having 1st layer issues. I am using ABS.

Using Slic3r I am using the “Medium” profile from the site as a starting point, but no matter what I do the 1st layer always seems to print at 100% speed or what sometimes seems even faster. I’ve tried to set the 1st layer to 50%, 20%, or setting to just 20 so it goes by MMs but nothing seems to make any difference. It seems to print the “ring” around the parts at the lower speed them go back full speed on the 1st layer of the actual part.
It also seems that if I set 1st layer and other layer Nozzle and bed temps these are also ignored and just print all layers at what the 1st layer is set to.
I am making sure the correct profiles are selected before Exporting the G-code.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Mind exporting the gcode and posting the gcode file here?