250mm quapter/drone on lulzbot TAZ!!

Hey everyone! after crashing and obliterating a drone, i decided to build my own. i designed it FreeCAD and printed this frame on my Lulzbot TAZ in ABS. the files are licensed CC BY-SA, so feel free to use and improve! it is designed to use the NAZE32 flight controller and Mobius action cam.
250mm_bug_quapter.FCStd (3.88 MB)
250mm_bug_quapter.stl (2.05 MB)

Nice design, thanks for sharing!

What size motors are you thinking of using? Have your tried this in 910 yet?

I’m thinking of using Emax 2300KV motors. I think that 910 might be too flexible, but i’ll give it shot.

It’s built! next we’ll see if she’ll fly, or if i am a capable enough pilot to fly her.
NAZE32 Cleanflight firmware
Emax 2300kv motors
Emax 12A ESC’s BL heli one shot capable

Mobius FPV soon to come.

Watch it fly! and watch me crash into a nearby tree…

I think it actually held up pretty well considering how fast it hit the tree… I’m discovering i have no “pilot skillz”. :confused:

we have the technology, we can rebuild it… alloy 910 and rev A coming soon.

printed in 910. had many crashes, so far so good.

Also created a revA. The revision should make it easier to assemble.
250mm_bug_quapter_revA.FCStd (4.42 MB)
250mm_bug_quapter_revA.stl (1.44 MB)
i will be making battery and electronics cover to protect them from carnage. i will post those when they are ready.

Any failure in the Alloy 910 yet? Or still holding strong for you?


The 910 worked great. unfortunately my pilot skillz didn’t hold up. i let it drop about 50 feet out of the air and cracked the frame. however i was impressed with how well it held up. i would say 910 is a great material to use for this application.

I am having a bit of layer bond issues. The 910 is good aside from that. Mind sharing a few of the important print settings Bender? Cheers!

what machine are you running? i could potentially get you a .ini for CURA

New design! This one is a little bigger and more stable. designed for 6 inch props.

280newcopter1.FCStd (2.95 MB)
280newcopter1.stl (1.97 MB)