3mm and a 1.75mm in a dual extruder setup?

I picked up a Hexagon 1.75mm extruder with the intent of doing a conversion. But now, I am wondering if it would be possible to use them both in a dual extruder setup?


I assume you could. The javelin toolhead isn’t available for sale yet but all the files to make your own are available on the devel site. The real question is why? I assume you just have a bunch of 1.75mm left over or is there some special filiament that only is available in 1.75mm?

I am printing at layer heights under 100 microns, and thought that a 1.75mm setup might give a slightly more consistent feed. having a dual setup would also allow me to print a soluble support which may come in handy for some of the more complex and detailed parts I’m wanting to make. A setup with a 3mm and 1.75mm heads might be the best of both worlds.


You’re going to want to look into the open rails conversion piercet has put together before you consider a dual hexagon setup. At least for the x axis.

Good point. There will be a lot of extra weight on those thin rails.