8mm linear bushings outer diameter?

I just ordered a spare set of IGUS Drylin linear bushings for my mini and printed the x carriage as a spare part. But to my surprise, the bushings holder in the carriage seems to be 16mm, where as my bushings have an outer diameter of 15mm. A quick search reveals that most (all?) LM8uu compatible bushings seem to have 15mm outer diameter. Did my print go completely wrong or does Lulzbot use special linear bushings with 16mm outer diameter on their Mini?

On a sidenote: I also ordered ball-bearings LM8uu’s and hardened rods, but they seem to be 15mm as well, so I will face the same problem with them?

The bill of material for my mini says it uses Drylin RJM-01-08 bearings.

The spec sheet for the RJM-01-08 states they have an OD of 16mm.

Are those the bearings you ordered?

No, I got the RJ4JP-01-08 LM8UU. Guess I should have done some homework before ordering :confused:
So, the 16 OD is correct, the parts are wrong. Thx for the clarification.

That bill of material sheet has saved me a number of times. :slight_smile: Really nice to have all the parts and sources provided, big benefit of AO’s open source mantra.

I know at least one forum member here (Biolumo) posted about using LM8UU. He has a set of mini parts on Thingiverse that have been modified to accept those bearings. Here’s the link:

This is scary. Were you reading my mind? I had just opened a FreeCAD project with original parts loaded, wondering where to start the mod!
Just one word: AWEsome!

Thank you!

Where can I get the BOM? I’ve been looking for it.

The *.ods files in here http://download.lulzbot.com/Mini/1.02/production_docs/ you can open those with either Word or Excel, I forget which.