A couple more to keep things interesting

A Working Music Box. Now all I need to do is figure out how to make cylinders for it that actually play something.

And a couple eggs. These have been very hard to print. First I tried one at a time and could never get it to work right. This time I printed two and had the fan turned on, it ran at mostly 100%, this is with ABS. The surface finish is pretty rough and there is some cracking. I’m going to run them again with everything the same except with the fan turned off. (This pair took almost 9 hours to print.)

The egg on the right I dropped some glass beads into before the print closed the top. Kind of neat having folks look at it and ask how I got them in there. :smiley:

Those look great! Generally, with ABS, you don’t want to use a fan at all.

Normally I run with the fan off but I was having so much trouble with the arms on the one egg that I thought the fan would help, and it may have… But I think a bigger help was printing with the 2nd egg in there to give the first one time to cool a bit on its own.
These don’t have that silky finish I’ve grown used to seeing. Almost feels like sandstone.
I’ll let you know how the next set turns out w/o the fan.
All the best!

Fans work well for over hangs, bridging, spires, very small parts, etc.