ABS Microclimate

This is my attempt at meeting the following requirements to improve ABS output:

  1. Very low cost
  2. Very light weight materials and heat rated 110C+
  3. 60C+ air temp
  4. Keep steppers, extruder, rambo and filament within suggested operating temp
  5. Easily removable
  6. Print duration less than 7 hours

As a result, I built an expandable type of pizza box that really just isolates the build area from everything else. I designed it around the constraints of the TAZ itself with minimal intrusion on the platform. If anyone is interested I will post results after some testing. The topper weight a little more than a Nema 17 in hand - less than 16oz. Either with the ceramic space heater or the built in bed it will maintain 70C.

Interesting. What did you make the accordion section out of?

More photos. Y Stepper motor air duct.

The accordion is made from household radiant barrier. It’s an Aluminum/PET/Aluminum sandwich. The guide strings are polyester.

This seems original and creative - well done! I have an idea like yours but a little different, as it is open not closed. Have a look at this post:


and maybe we can collaborate or toss ideas around until something works?

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