abs prints "smear" right

All of my prints seem to slide to the right as the height increases. I’m using ABS, with both Cura and slic3r with temps from 230-258 / 100-110. > This is on a new Taz 5 and anything under 24 delaminates.

Your X axis power train is loose. Check that the belt has proper tension (it should make kind of a thumpy twang sound when you pluck it and should be fairly tight) , and that the 2 setscrews on the X motor drive pulley are all the way down, tight and that at least one of them is lined up with the flat spot on the X motor shaft.

I was just going to add some images, and the shift is actually forward , I. E. Y axis

Oh. Same cause then, but it’s your Y axis, not the X.

I tightened every bolt I could, and the belts. I could not find the right allen wrench for the stepper couplers. >What size are they? I’m trying a new print now using the quick print options in Cura to eliminate setup errors from me.

I’m a bit vague on shell thickness. I’m building marshmallow cannon parts and need thick walls. Is it ok to set the wall thickness to a bigger multiple of the nozzzle size, like 104 instead of 1.04 Even 100% fill seems weak.

They are really really tiny metric Hex setscrews. Maybe a M1 or M1.5 size. And they are the most likely thing to come loose. You should have a hex driver that fits in the set of tools you got with your printer if you have one from the factory.

I’m not using Cura, so not sure what terms pertain to what options in there, so I’ll let someone else answer that part for you.

I have tried M1, M1.5, M1.27, and M2. I thought I tried sae sizes too. But nothing seems to “catch” Maybe they fell out. I’ll rechecl with my glasses on and a good lightsource :slight_smile:

The 1.27 MM wrench from the wrench set should have worked. I would check and make sure both of them are there.

If you find that you are missing the setscrew, or that the pulley is stripped contact our Support team by sending an email to Support@LulzBot.com. How fast are you printing? What slicing profile are you using?

I got everything tightened up nicely but still had issues. With the steppers off the Y axis , sliding the bed back and front, was really jerky. After a lot of messing around I finally tracked down an issue I have not heard mentioned before, The stepper pulley was pressed down too tightly, binding against the stepper bearing. Raising the pulley slightly fixed it and the bed is now nice and smooth. Can I get the same print speeds with lead screws / ball screws on the X and Y axis?

It is theoretically possible to set a 3d printer up with X and Y leadscrews. The troubled trinity one Aluminautus was one such design. When it worked, it worked well. The leadscrews were fairly expensive to source, and required a special type of fast pitch or fast start or something along those lines that I forget the exact term of. The problems with that printer were not really related to the leadscrews but more in the design and execution of the build. For the X axis in particular, a belt really is a good solution. It moves a small amoun t of mass very quickly with reasonable precision. A leadscrew is generally going to be slightly slower unless you go with a larger motor, but also maybe slightly more precise. On the Y axis with the bed mass to deal with the argument for a leadscrew is possibly more justified, but even then the cost tends to make most people ignore that option.