ABS sizes and clogging the TAZ

I have two different ABS filament sizes, one measures 2.95mm with my caliper and the other is 2.85mm. The 2.95mm clogs my TAZ after an hour or so, but it runs fine on my Mini. The 2.85mm runs fine on both.

Are there settings I can tweak in Cura that might help me to run the 2.95mm in my TAZ without clogging it up?

If it measures 2.95 then chances are it might have spots that go over sized and may physically jam (no settings would help)

Now, if it’s just trying to extrude to much due to the size then you need to make sure (need to do this anyway) that you are setting the proper filament size inside of Slic3r.

They have two different nozzle opening diameters. So the Mini with the bigger size will build enough chamber pressure to clog eventually, but would be a very long print.

In Cura you might drop the “flow” setting at the bottom of the Basic menu by a percent or two when using the larger filament.

Does increasing the filament size and decreasing the flow percentage have the same effect?

Hmm…I would think so, yes. Good analysis of the situation. I hadn’t thought about that before.

My own bias, with nothing but “gut feel” to back it up, is that it’s better to decrease the flow percentage. I just have the feeling that misrepresenting the filament size isn’t a good idea. Unforeseen side-effects, etc. It’s along the lines of “one should always tell the truth” – even to a machine. :slight_smile:

They both will reduce the feed rate for the filament into the melt chamber, and thus allow the melted plastic the needed time to be forced out of the end of the nozzle. Which will help prevent the slow build of pressure in the chamber and eventual clogging. In your case if looks like you would need a 3.44% smaller flow percentage to compensate for the bigger diameter material. :ugeek:

But I would just change the measured diameter size rather than figure out how much you need to alter the flow rate by.