Adding a beeper to the Mini

I’d like the printer to beep at certain times.

There’s an 8-pin header labeled “Analog” on the RAMBo board. Is one of these pins or pairs of pins where the “BUZZER” signal is connected (PE2 on the ATMEGA processor chip)?

Does the M300 cause a PWM from PE2?

We haven’t tried adding a beeper in that fashion. Give it a go and see!

Instead, we use the beeper on the Graphical LCD Controller:

FWIW, this is an old Mini with no display or really any other “normal” local interface stuff.

Can someone identify which flavor of RAMBo is on this old thing? I should then be able to find the right schematic and tell from that whether any processor PWM’s are brought out to a header.

You can find the revision of the RAMBo board written on the board itself