Adding an Openbuilds Openrail x axis to a Lulzbot Taz 4/5

Adding a volcano, you would either need a custom mount with the extruder up much further than normal, or a longer endstop target bolt and lose some Z travel. It’s doable either way. The Titan is shorter than a stock Wade so you can go up from the base about the same length you lose with the Volcano.

The other option with longer nozzles is to add a shim / spacer to the hot end plate to account for the heatsink difference.

If the fan duct is a concern, here’s a version with slots for the mounting screws allowing it to adjust for the hot end:

thanks guys, these are definitely useful

For those are thinking about doing the x and y axis open rail mods, the hardware (nuts and bolts, etc) from mcmaster come up to about $300 . This is because the black oxide hardware is usually sold in packs of 100. IM about to pull the trigger on buying up all the hardware, if anyone is interested in hardware packs for this mod let me know, maybe i can try to offset some of the cost.

I am interested in installing the openrail mods. However I don’t know which axes to start off with? Or should I install all three at the same time?

X is easiest to install and build. Y involves drilling holes in a bed plate, but aside from that one fairly technical and precision demanding task, is actually easier to install overall than X. The Z axis is a pain in the ass to install and doesn’t offer all that much in the way of improvements, though I do find the micrometer Z endstop variant to be very useful.

Most people start with X, see how it goes than install Y. I do reccommend installing them one at a time, as they are easier to get dialed in properly that way. They are both essentially bolt on modifications once you have them built so there is no reason you have to wait to install them both, it’s just fewer variables to allign correctly.

Is there a certain infill and layer resolution I should print all openrail parts at?

85% or better for structural parts, abs or similar material., I used a 0.5mm nozzle with 0.3mm layers for the prototypes, but pretty much any nozzle and layer height should be fine.

I have one aluminum and one acrylic x back plate left over. $5 each shipped

I’ll buy the aluminum one, I have a new project that needs a bracket with a larger upper flange to mount a positional encoder above a magnetic strip, and my existing version doesn’t have enough meat there. That one looks like it may have enough to fit the sensor in properly. Where do you want funds sent?

Packaged up and heading your way Monday morning.

TomsCables here in the forum created a very nice exploded view assembly diagram with a very nice tabulated Bill of Materials for the X axis assembly. A big thank you to him for doing so. You can view the document here:

or also at the Thingiverse page here:

Thanks again!

hi, thank you for the perfect work !

could you share source inventor files ? i have to modify holes for heat-set inserts - tried to import stp files to solidworks 2016 and use feature recognition but … it failed on most important parts,


Do you have somewhere I can upload or send them to? they are fairly large, probably large enough that the forum won’t let me post them here. I don’t mind sharing them though

if possible please upload it there:

uploaded files visible only for me

thank you very much!

There you go, that should be the current X axis project.

thank you a lot! not all inventors are ready to share their source projects :slight_smile:

will try to convert it

Well… i have rebuilt solidworks parts almost from scratch using inventor only as a reference (didnt manage to import it directly)… if you need SW 2016 assembly let me know.

You’re the man! May I please have these files? It would be awesome!
And here is a dropbox request, if you’d be so kind to share them :smiley:

Very nice job all and TomsCables, I wish I had your diagram when I did my upgrade :slight_smile: