Adding an Openbuilds Openrail x axis to a Lulzbot Taz 4/5

Hi Again,

I need a new set of the black Y axis endplates you sent me a while back with the idler tension mod screw holes, etc. Again, PM’s still funny on this site not working for 99% so email me at bottino at crprinting dot com please. One cracked when installing and I never contacted you back then and misplaced your email.

Also, which laser do you use? How do you like it? Have you engraved with it, like into the black Acrylic?

Thanks! Chris

Email coming at you.

It looks like it is Taz upgrade season again.

I upgraded my Taz 2 with piercet’s X and Y axis Openbuilds mods one year ago. The machine runs around 15 hours per day and has performed flawlessly since then.

I know Lulzbot questioned the amount of maintenance that would be required with the eccentric wheel adjusters. I can report now that, in a year of heavy use, I have had to adjust one of the Y axis wheels. I suspect it wasn’t tight enough to begin with so, that one is on me.

I have four Taz 5 machines going under the wrench this week for X and Y rails along with the Z anti-wobble nut mounts. I will post some pictures along the way.

Lulzbot seriously needs to consider switching to rails on future printers. The print quality improves dramatically!

Piercet, thanks again for all of the work on these upgrades. They are fantastic.

Nice, that will be quite a sight with that many all lined up. Definitly looking forward to the pictures!

Let me know if you think of any additions or adjustments that you would like to see for them, especially since you are making so many of them. I also have another modification in the works that is nearing publish ability - a back brace from the top gantry corners down to a lower crossbrace setup. I’m waiting on parts for it right now. My early test article does seem to help with printing up high on the gantry though.

So far on mine I’ve worn out one Y axis wheel bearing that I think I had too tight to begin with. Other than that it’s been maintenance free.

You’re welcome!

Have you ever considered offering this in kit form? I for one would be willing to buy it to save some part sourcing time. :smiley:

Yes actually. There have been two companies interested in mass producing kits, one of which fell through, and another that is still theoretically in process. I don’t have an ETA for when those will be available, or at what price

I do also sell a limited number of parts kits myself, either just parts or full on “as much as possible” pre assembled units with the hardware, etc. If you would be interested, shoot me a PM and we can discuss options. A full on all the openbuilds parts included bolt on kit (you reuse your existing motor, belt, idler hardware and the mounting bolts to attach it to the X endplates, all else is included) X axis kit in black ABS would run about $243.50 + shipping for example. If you wanted a custom color, I would have to charge plastic to the whole roll, which would increase the price a bit. I also print and sell just the plastic parts if you would prefer to source your own rail and hardware directly, which would decrease the cost. If you are interested, shoot me a PM here, or send me an e-mail at piercet at and we can go over detailed costs and options. For shipping, it’s usually actual shipping and packaging cost. I will ship internationally, but there are some areas that I will not ship to, as I have had problems getting things there in the first place (Greece for example seems to be a package eating black hole or something) .

Y kits and Z antiwobble kits are also feasible. Theoretically a Z kit would also be available but no one has ever ordered them. I’ve also sold my extruder body modifications, E3DV6 setups and 1.75mm extruder setups occasionally.

Saving up some money for both the X and Y axis build. I will PM you when I have the $$ ready. I would like to buy both “kits” from you. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Really keen to do the X,Y and Z anti-wobble to my TAZ 5. Any chance you could link me the full hardware list? I see the one on the OP but it doesnt look complete, or is it?

Thingiverse search and design sorting is apparently having an aneurysm at the moment, but here are the project links that make up the full xyz and anti wobble set. There are also project threads here in this forum for each of these, but what documentation and parts lists exist is at these links too. The x and y are very highly documented with excellent parts lists (included in the instructions docs). The z axis hasn’t had the same level of attention because not as many people opt to install it, but there is a complete parts list in it as well. The anti wobble setup has its own parts list .

X axis

Y axis
Y belt tensioner
Y nozzle wiper

Anti wobble
Z axis

Thanks a bunch man!!! Also I know you get asked this a lot but how much for all the hardware as above minus the 3D printed stuff?



Your welcome!

The parts supplied by openbuilds themselves for a full x y z setup run $216.86 currently (I think that includes shipping) , and there is another $80-ish in bolts, heat set inserts, not counting the micrometer barrel option for z which I have sourced in the past for around $40, but that source dried up. Plastic for a full x y z setup ends up being most of a 5lb roll ($79) with the drill guides. That’s all just parts, no labor or print time, etc. The anti wobble hardware is about $16.50 and $7 worth of plastic.

That assumes the y belt tensioner, nozzle wiper, etc. Without those the hardware cost goes down $10 or so.

Ok great man, you’re a definate champ. Work for lulzbot yet? :wink:

Could you quote me for the XYZ Kit, 5lb roll of Lulzbot green ABS (ill print myself) and shipping to Australia? Via PM is fine :slight_smile:

@Piercet - Thank you for your generous contributions. As stated above, I hope Lulzbot pays you. Your expertise is one of the reasons I have gotten such good results on the Taz!. I think that I will go ahead with the openrail updates later this spring. Looks like a bit of work but totally worth it.

Heh, thanks. I actually work for a state government agency in Washington State as a Server and Network administrator for my day job.

I’ll send you a PM tonight when i get home with that info. I have most of the costs and whatnot written down from the last ones, but they are at home. I do know that shipping to Australia from here is definitly not inexpensive. There are also some opttions to consider too.

Hey mate, any update on this?

Whoops, I forgot about this, sorry, I’l send you a PM here shortly

After a few hours I found myself missing a couple parts I forgot to order, so my build is on hold for a couple days. Quick question thought. Is the belt bracket the printed version of the backplate? I didn’t see anything in the instructions for working with that part vs the metal backplate.

Yes that’s the printed version. The only real difference is you need 5mm longer bolts to use it

Thanks. Should have the missing screws and spacers by wed so I can finish this all up. Already have the z-wobble device in the printer I’m converting. Pictures of where I am. I did remodel the printed backplate to use the stock style belt locks so that the open ends come off the backplate at the approximate center of where the screw and spacer part was in your design.

That looks like it’s coming along nicely! One minor thing, the green extruder mount notch will go on the other side of that purple plate when you go to assemble it. That allows the 6 recess holes to fit over the bolt heads for the backplate bolts.