Adding an Openbuilds Openrail x axis to a Lulzbot Taz 4/5

Ah, thanks

It lives! Thanks for the write up Piercet. It may of just been me, but on the x axis parts, specifically the motor block, and idler parts, the 10mm bolts were too short to get a t-nut to work on. I just remodeled the parts to make the holes a bit deeper, but everything works great!

If anyone is interested I commissioned and have received a set of the metal backplates. I’ve test fit these on my machine, and they are good to go. If you would like one, I’m offering a total of 12 of them at the moment, for $25 per backplate including tax and shipping (USPS flat rate) to a U.S. domestic address. If there is more interest than that I can get a second order of them on the way.

If you would like one, please send me a PM and we can go over the logistics. This is the plate design I use on my machines and will fit all the accessories, such as the cable chain mounts, leveling probe, etc.

Looks great Tim. I finally got my cnc Router dialed in for aluminium cutting. Let me know next time you need some cut. I also have some acrylic ones available.

Is there any reason the X axis wouldn’t work for a TAZ 3? I noticed that the Y and Z are explicitly listed as 3/4/5 compatible but this X axis is listed as only 4/5.


Yes, you need the taz 5 x end plate and taz 5 leadscrews to make it work correctly. Technically you could use the stock 3 leadscrews but they are terrible.

Even my old Taz 2 is running piercet’s X and Y openbuilds mods! Go for it!

Old thread for an old machine. Anyone have any metal back plates for sale?

I still have 20 of them from the last run!