Additional microswitches?

Would it be difficult (or inadvisable) to install additional microswitches for the end stops that don’t have them, particularly the Y axis? Could you just tie the 2 together electrically? (Add additional switch to Y and wire it up to existing Y switch). I’m building an enclosure and don’t want the taz coming all of the way forward past the build plate and hit the front of the enclosure. As far as I can tell, there is no reason for it to actually move past the build plate?

You mean a Y switch that controls Y max movement? That can be done, but it has to be wired to the proper Rambo pin and not to the Ymin switch. Then you have to tell the Firmware that the switch is there.

But I don’t get why you want that. You control the movement of the print bed, if you don’t print things that are too big and it stays in your range, it’s OK. And if not, you will not be able to print this objects with another switch… Or do you want to prevent manual movements done by accident? Then you could use the software limits defined in the Firmware, once the axis is homed you can’t move it out of this limits with or without a second switch.

Hmm… to my knowledge the TAZ doesn’t push the bed out any further than necessary unless instructed in an end script. Check for a “G1 X## Y275” or something to that effect in your end script. Change the Y value to 137 to keep the bed in the middle of the machine… or whatever value to limit the amount the bed sticks out… which is nice for part removal.

Yes, this is only to prevent accidental manual positioning, like when I’m doing a bed level and hitting +100 in Cura one too many times and having it go past where it should and start knocking the stepper because it doesn’t stop at the end of the rail and tries to keep going.

Ok… makes sense. I’d just add a M84 which disables all motors, and allows for movement of bed / toolhead manually. A curved bumper on the bed will help make sure the door can “push” the bed of the way.

With a microswitch in the way, you won’t be able to move the bed past a certain point at all… maybe design a simple stop to bolt onto the Z-axis. Regardless, here is the connectors on the RAMBO if you choose to go the way of a switch. The Y-min stop referenced by Sebastian is middle-left of the board.

If you need more of the switches, Ultimachine has them
The crimp blade fitings to crimp wires for them are 2.8mm crimp fittings exactly like these:

I have a Y maximum limit switch mod in the works to go with the X max Openrails limit switch that will be released here at some point.