Aerostruder Z-offset

Forgiveness if this has already been addressed, a quick search of the forums didn’t appear to yield the answer.

For those of you with the L.B. Aerostruder, did you have to significantly alter your Z-height offset? Mine was printing way to close to the bed at -1.35, like WAY to close. The bottoms on my prints were smooth and lettering from Benchy, totally invisible. Dimensional accuracy also seemed off by 1-2%

I had to change the offset all the way up to -.8 any closer to the bed and the first layer didn’t look right.

Just curious if anyone else experienced this on their Taz 6 with Aero.

I didn’t have to adjust my z-offset when upgrading to the aerostruder, however if you are having problems with the first layer, here is a picture showing what a good first layer line should look like.