All metal upgrade issue

Hello all, I’m attempting to upgrade my Taz4 with the new hexagon hot end. After the install and firmware upgrade, I attempted to extrude 5mm of filament with pronterface and I’m getting inches. The factory Esteps/mm was set to 851. The new firmware has it at 850. Is there supposed to be a large difference with this new hot end?

That looks about right for a 10 mm extrusion. You are commanding the extruder to input 10 mm of feed stock into the hotend. That will result in much more than 10 mm of extruded plastic.

Ah, thanks. Pardon my ignorance. My real issue at hand then seems to be more of a slicer problem.

Never hurts to ask the question. Now maybe the next person with a similar concern will see this thread somewhere on the internet and be enlightened1