Anybody use the Vanadium Nozzle from slice eng?

I am thinking about getting a Vanadium nozzle for the M175 V2 so that I can try my hand at Nylon CF6 or CF12 without wrecking the stock M175 V2 nozzle.

Has anybody done this?

Curious about how simple or difficult it will be. (I’m guessing more difficult to print than ABS). But changing out nozzles…is it a simple trival task (sorry I am a newb to 3d printing)

Changing nozzles is relatively easy, you shouldn’t have any issues. Just remove the print head and take your time–don’t force anything, if you need you may need to connect it back up to heat it up, but that’s never happened to me personally.

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Thanks @SuperBigCat I appreciate your experience.

Thanks again. I finally got around to changing the nozzle. It’s working with PLA so far, although I am now doing some tweaks raising the z offset since the first layer seems pretty squished. I am pretty stocked because I got the Vanadium nozzle so I will get to use some of that CF filament I have without worrying about wrecking the nozzle. It was an easy … I did purge and clean the old nozzle first, and then put some cardboard under the nozzle in case I dropped it. Came write off, though it got my wrench warm.

Another update…something is a bit off and I had to increase the temperature by 5 degrees for ABS. Not a big deal but the layers were delaminating when using 245/240. I am now using 250/245 for first/subsequent layers using abs. Hopefully this is okay?