Anyone using Repetier-host software?

Tried using RepetierHost to draive the Taz5? Tried without much success. Anyone?

I use the older 0.95f variant. I never could get the newer one to talk to a Taz correctly.

I have not tried to use it on a Taz 5 yet. But I use the latest version all the time while I am working on Taz 2,3,4 and Mini Taz. But I use it more to test printer functions and just print prebuilt test models, with the occasional random model for myself. I do hope to have a Taz 5 soon to be using/testing it on! :smiley:

I do as well. Its great for quickly rotating STLs and breaking up the plates of multiple STLs.

Have you had any luck using the latest version of Repetier Host with your AO?

I never tried actually. The older version looks better in my oppinion anyways. I’ll hook it up and let you know if it works later.

I have a Taz 5 at home now that I use the latest version on without any problems, and I also am trying the Repeitier Server they offer now. Only problem I have had with it is Windows 10 updating and rebooting the machine in the middle of my prints! :astonished:

I use it in combination with Simplify3D for most of my prints at home. The ones that Simplify3D messes up I use Repetier-Host on.