Arcs not smooth

On the Taz, when set to xy jerk to 5 and acceleration to 500 I get real rough arcs. I changed it closer to
my prusa settings to 15 jerk and 1000 acc. this helps. How do you get a nice smooth arc with
these low settings? What am I missing?


You may want to try using a .stl with more facets. There are a bunch of ways to do this, but one way is to open it in Blender and use the subdivision surface tool.


Thanks for the replies, are you saying that I have to change all the files for the Taz?
If I print the same thing on a smaller printer with different FW settings it is fine.
The issue is the 5 jerk and 500 accel. if change it to 20 and 3000 it works fine.
But how are you guys able to print on a taz at a good quality with these settings?
What am I missing.

Which Slic3r version are you using? Changing the Jerk settings alone should help, but depending on the Slic3r version, it may have better arc support. I’m checking with a couple of colleagues about the jerk/acceleration black magic.

I use slic3r version 0.9.10b and kisslicer, but mostly slic3r.