Are there any dual-extrusion options for sidekick?

I have a Sidekick 289 and I’m interested in soluble supports and dual-color printing. What paths are available for me to work towards that?

Do the dual-colors need to occur on the same layer? It is possible to change colors on a layer-by-layer basis without a dual-head printer – via the post-processing plug-in.

Yes, ideally. Specifically for using different support material like PVA supports on a Nylon print.

I’ve done additional research and it seems like the board inside the sidekick doesn’t support multiple extruders so I’m thinking my options are probably limited to something like the mosaic palette, significantly modding the hardware, or looking at getting a second printer.

It uses the EinsyRetro board – which does not have a stepper driver for a 2nd extruder. Printers like the TAZ 6 came with a single extruder, but the board was capable of driving dual-extruders and LulzBot offered a Dual-Extruder toolhead.

The TAZ Workhorse can also drive dual-extruders, but no head is currently offered for it. This leaves the TAZ Pro – which comes standard with dual-extruder toolhead, but that printer is a completely different price category.

I dont reccommend the moasic. Im waiting on the mmu from prusa to come in and see if I can run it with the 747

Using Prusa’s MMU on a non-Prusa printer is going to be quite a project. The Prusa printer’s firmware contains multiple gcode commands specific to the MMU which, obviously, are not implemented in the LulzBot supplied firmware for the 747.

That was what I was thinking too. Looking at the documentation it seems to really rely on the specific prusa firmware. It also has some sort of sensor that detects when the filament engages with the bondtech gears. It pulls the filament out of the hotend to switch so it’s very hardware specific.

If you get something working it would be amazing but from my research it doesn’t seem like a reasonable alternative to the palette (and people seem to have similar issues to palette)

It looks like if you compile your own firmware that it would be potentially possible to use the MMU with any printer running Marlin.

So I ended up getting klipper up and running on my sidekick (config here if anyone’s interested)

It looks like klipper may have support for the DIY MMU2s clone so I might give that a try.