Are there published dimensions to the igus bearings for the Mini 2?

My solid bearings are “groaning.” I dripped some lubricant on the rods (before knowing any better). I’m guessing the plastic in the bearings may have degraded.

Are there designs or dimensions somewhere on how to replicate these? I checked Thingiverse, but there is no specifics on which machines they fit. I do have some Igus filament.


From what I can see in the Bill of Materials docs, they appear to be:

Drylin® Precision, Polymer 8 mm Bearing RJMP-01-08

These are dry self-lubricating linear bearings. They are not supposed to need lubrication.


You can search for ‘bearings’ in that doc (it’s a comma-separated-value file that will open in any spreadsheet program such as Excel, Numbers, Libre Office Calc, etc.)

ahh, thanks. I found them on the Igus web site. I’ll order a few and check their dimensions.