Anyone on here used AstroPrint/AstroBox or planning on getting the AstroBox Touch?

Curious to hear opinions and experiences.

I’m currently using Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi 3 on my new Taz 6, but I backed the Astroprint Touch Kickstarter and am excited to play with it. If the app ecosystem plays out the way they claim, it could be really cool.

I used astroprint for quite a while on a raspberry. But did not bother with the kickstarter or the subscription. I may continue to use it or just move back to octoprint. I was hoping astroprint would get rid of some of the clumsiness of the configuration before making it a pay model but that is just me I guess. The problem I had was always chasing my material settings that would be overridden by the slicer settings and causing random bad prints. So I had stopped using it for a bit and just printed directly from my i3 tablet and the free version of mattercontrol. I’ll keep an eye on astroprint though as I thought it was a nice product.

@B4DWolf & @bluecamel: Thanks for your support (and curiosity) on the AstroBox Touch! :ugeek:

Can you clarify a bit more (and include screenshots etc.) if possible?

I’d like to understand the specific annoyance you are having.

Which material settings specifically are being overridden by the slicer settings?

Instead of the current workflow, what would you prefer to make this annoyance disappear?

Thanks again for the help! :sunglasses:

I would have to get another box together. I was using a Pi on my Mini but I have since moved to a new Clone Taz6 I have built. As soon as I have it together I can test again and give some screenshots as well as the work flow changes.
When will you be able to real time rotate and move objects? Multi Object insertion?

So basically when you setup your Materials you set your Nozzle and Bed temps.
When you go into your slicer settings and select to modify those settings like shells, infill, speeds etc. the material configuration is not honored but instead uses the settings from the custom slicer settings which are usually good for PLA but when printing ABS, PetG or Nylon you will get a host of issues on the print. This will mean stopping and re-configuring the print again. If you do it the simple way the material settings stay in place.
I learned to match my material settings when using the custom slicer but sometimes I would forget and cause a bad print. Not a problem if I was there watching but my trust on my Lulzbot machines is to go do some other things while the print is occurring…

I hope you understand my explanation… I hope to have my Clone up and running within a week or 2 and will give detailed Images for you.


So, at the moment we have released AstroPrint Desktop (in beta) to enable the ability to rotate/manipulate objects.

It is in our development road map to enable similar functionality (i.e: ability to rotate and move objects) on the cloud print screen as well.

Okay, I think I understand now.

Yes, you are correct, the CUSTOM SLICER SETTINGS will always OVERRIDE the default settings of the slicer.

So, if you want to use the same settings over and over again, create a CUSTOM SLICER SETTINGS preset and name it legibly so you can simply use it over and over again.

If you are printing in ABS, simply create a CUSTOM SLICER SETTING preset that’s good for ABS and re-use that over and over again.


Does that make sense? If not, let me know.

Also, a screencast (with audio commentary) would be more helpful than screenshots, but screenshots can also work :ugeek:

I will do my best to get you what you need with a screencast. I am still finishing my machine build and as soon as that is done I can take care of that. Why not make a check box with a selection under the custom slicer settings to honor pre-existing configurations for filament settings?

Just a thought.