Auto-Balancing Failing

I use a Mini. For a long time I had issues with my printer even starting to print. This is due to it stopping when going to the third washer during the auto-balancing. It showed a message “Wipe Nozzle Failed” So I thought there was something on the nozzle or washer, so I cleaned it thoroughly. It still didn’t work. I then realized that the nozzle was not making contact with the washer. I took a level and found my printer was leaning towards the fourth washer. Everything is tight and nothing is on the nozzle/washers. What should I do? :confused:

Turn the printer off. Manually turn one of the threaded-rod couplers to “level” the x-rods, so they are parallel to the bed. Turn the printer back on, and give a normal print (with leveling sequence) another try.

If the X-carriage is higher on the right side, the amount of downward travel needed to touch the washer exceeds the firmware limits – so it goes into the “wipe nozzle failed” state. Get the X-carriage parallel to the bed and it should work correctly.

Thank you very much good sir! I haven’t been able to fix it for like a month! And it is so simple! I’m excited to get back to printing.

You’re welcome! It’s a common problem. In theory, the two motors/screws should stay synchronized, but “stuff” happens. If the right side is a couple mm higher than the left, then during probing it can trip the failsafe code intended to prevent pushing down too far when the nozzle is dirty. Fortunately, it’s an eas fix… Happy printing!