Auto firmware install doesn't work on 2.6.66/Mac

“Automatic firmware update” from Cura 2.6.66 on Mac didn’t work while I had a USB connection to my Taz 6 which was powered on. When I clicked the button nothing happened. I then clicked the custom/manual install button on the right and selected the newest firmware listed for Taz 6 / Aerostruder and it installed. Does this seem like a larger underlying issue on my end I should be concerned about?

Hello, and thank you for the report. We have gone ahead and opened a ticket to check into this ( can you share a couple more details?

What version of Mac OSX are you using?
Are you connected directly to the computer, or through a USB hub?

I have never been able to flash my TAZ 5 from Cura on Mac. Either with Custom or Official FW. It always times out. I have a windows laptop that gets used for flashing.