Backlash in y axis - TAZ 5

I am getting gaps in solid layers on my TAZ 5. When the y axis changes directions, it extrudes the new line too close to the previous one. I get a pattern like this || || || where the solid fill is made of groups of two extrusions separated by a gap.

I tightened the belt which greatly improved this, however I still get gaps (see attached picture) You can see the pattern quite well in the oval logo.

If I manually move the y axis through the LCD in increments of 0.1, there is play of about 0.2mm. i.e. I have to move 3 steps when changing direction before the build plate actually moves in the new direction.
I can see the stepper motor moving so it looks like the backlash is in the belt.

Has anybody else experienced this and knows how to improve it?
Is there something wrong with my machine, or is this common on Taz 5s?

Check your y axis belt pulley setscrew. It may be loose.