"Bad Cooling" message on TAZ6

Searched the forums but did not find what this message means. Could use a little help chasing it down.

Is this something that happens continuously or was it just a one time thing? If it is something that is repeatable, could you post a photo of the message?


Thank you for your reply. It has been consistently happening immediately after the head raises at the end of the print. It comes off the screen and the screen shows the normal “LulzBot TAZ 6 ready” when the bed comses forward after cooling.

Sorry, I don’t have an easy way to post a pic of the screen.

Sorry about this! I suspect this is going to be a spelling error in our firmware. When the head raises, and the bed moves backwards it should be stating “Bed Cooling” until print is complete. Than the LulzBot TAZ 6 Ready should appear.

Would you mind checking what version of firmware you have installed? This can be found on the LCD screen in “about firmware” or through the console in Cura by typing M115

My apologies to the group. The spelling is correct. I obviously am going blind. SORRY…

Not a problem, we are here to help!