Bad prints!

Just got my new Taz 6! I know I have some tweaking to do but I was hoping to get some advice on where to start. Not getting the quality I desire.

Can you be more specific on what you’d like to fix?

Yep. In some spots just looks like I’m getting clumping maybe over extruding then in other spots I have gaps in the print.

Are you slicing the rocktopus? Or using the gcode file?

If you’re slicing youreself, try printing the gcode file for a reference. If the gcode is better, then it would be your slicer settings.

In short, clumping on the skin would be overextrusion. Gaps could be different things… possibly the LIN function in Marlin, could also be print speed. Make sure the filament unspools freely, increase extrusion temp a bit to ensure the hotend can keep up.

I have found that driving the TAZ6 by USB can result in pauses. Pauses can cause some of the extra material to ooze out.
The pausing depends on the computer and what else it may be doing. I suggest you use the g-code file and drive the TAZ via the SD card if you are not already doing that.