Battery Management System Using BQ76PL536

Good afternoon~all,
Thank you first for taking time to read my post,I would like to ask you some suggestions about the chip–BQ76PL536.
I want to use BQ76PL536(this is the datasheet of BQ76PL536 : ) to be battery management and I have started using TS1 and then the corresponding flag bit was set. The temperature also drop down with that. Then I tried to clear the overheating flags and wrote one in TS1 of register–“ALERT_STATUS”, Next I wrote zero following on. But the overheating flags can’t still be cleared. How to solve it? The following contents is the process I tried to clear overheating flags.

ReadMessage(DEV_A,ADD_DEVICE_STATUS);         //¶Ádevice_status״̬  
                   value_dev5=readbuf[3];                    //´æÈëvalue_dev£¬¾Ö²¿±äÁ¿
                   value_dev5 |= 0x20;
                   SendMessage(DEV_A,ADD_DEVICE_STATUS);        //д1
                   value_dev5 &= 0xDF;
                   SendMessage(DEV_A,ADD_DEVICE_STATUS);        //д0
                   ReadMessage(DEV_A,ADD_ALERT_STATUS);         //¶Áalert_status״̬             
                   SendMessage(DEV_A,ADD_ALERT_STATUS);            //½ÓÊÕµ½µÄÖµ£¬Ôٴη¢Ë͸øalert_status¼Ä´æÆ÷             
                   chip.ALERT_STATUS &= 0x00;        
                   SendMessage(DEV_A,ADD_ALERT_STATUS);            //д0£¬·¢Ë͸øalert_status¼Ä´æÆ÷   

Have you met such problems? Your help will be appreciated.