Bed Leveling Issue - Head to Heat Sync No Electrical Continuity (Use at your own risk)

Hey fellow 3D printers. I’ve been using my Lulzbot Mini2 for over 2 years of pretty solid printing and have had my fair share of bed leveling issues, mostly because of a dirty head.
However, last week it just wouldn’t go. :pensive:

So after some digging I found that the print head was not electrically grounded, even though the head sync, which is where the ground wire is connected was grounded.
From what I can see the Print Head to Heat Sync is a single part, so I did a little DIY and wrapped a coper wire around the step between the two parts. And it worked. Pictures below!
Thought I’d share and give back to the community as well as for Lulzbot to use for future improvments. :smiley: ENJOY!

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Interesting approach. I would shy away from this as the wiring for the thermistor and heater cartridge are pretty close and shorting those wires out could damage the control board. The copper wire also may act as a transfer for heat from the heater block up to the heat sink. This could cause potential heat creep.

If you are getting no continuity from the heater block/nozzle to the heat sink/heat break. It could be that your nozzle may not be fully tightened. If it is slightly loose, you can get soften filament to ooze out and up into the threading for the heat break. This will insulate the bottom components from the top where the zero sense wire is attached.

e3d has a guide on heat tightening the titan aero nozzle which may be something you would want to look into. Just do not overtighten it as this can result in the nozzle breaking off.

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Ahhhh okay. Thank you so much for your help!

Okay not to be rude, but what have you done to your toolhead?!?!? I can’t even figure out what the brown substance is