Bed leveling with new mini 2

I need some advice on bed leveling. When the gantry comes down to try to level the x axis, it puts a lot of pressure on the top right side of bed pushing it down, I this causes the bed to be higher on the top left. I have put a little shim under the contact washer to try to push the top left side of the bed down a little more but I don’t think is it working, or maybe I need to add more. I know this isn’t a new problem but maybe yall can look at the picture and offer some new advise?

Initial layer flow is turned down to 94%
hot end temp is 210
bed temp is 60

I always get a little extra squeeze out on both my machines so I have been trying to tweak the flow rates.

The x leveling routine should not touch the bed. The tool head moves to the far right and behind the build plate, which should give additional space for the x gantry to move low enough for the upper and lower z assemblies to touch, leveling the x gantry. If your mini 2 is hitting the build plate during x leveling something is wrong. Does the mini 2 require a firmware upgrade for the m175 hotend?