Bed Plate Metric -> Imperial Conversion

If anybody with Solidworks 2013 (or whichever solidworks was used to create this file: reads this, would you be willing to convert the file from metric to imperial and reupload it as .pdf and .sldprt files?

It would help me out a lot! My version of solidworks is 2010 and it can’t open that file. My milling professor says we can make this thing if I convert everything to imperial. It would be a lot cleaner than trying to edit the .pdf…


SolidWorks versions are not backward compatible. A native SW 2013 file cannot be opened by an older version. And SW 2013 cannot save in an older version. This is done on purpose by Dassault Solidworks to force its users toward an upgrade path. This seems devious and abusive, but most CAD industry big players do the same.

What can be done is to export the file to Parasolid (*.x_t) taking care to save in an older version of Parasolid, since each SW version comes with a new Parasolid version. Or maybe simpler, save as STEP which is a universal exchange format.

But that means that the model will be stripped of all history (features used to build it).

Are you able to do that?
Even if you just convert the solidworks file to parasolid and don’t do the unit conversion it would help a lot!

See if one of these will import for you You will have to rename Part1_renametodwg.txt to Part1.dwg and Part1_renametpstp.txt to part1.stp. I didn’t convert the units, just the format. i can’t output to solidworks from inventor apperently, but i’m guessing solidworks can import a dwg or a step file.

edit: Theres the parasolid too
Part1_renametox_t.txt (114 KB)
Part1_renametpstp.txt (176 KB)
Part1_renametodwg.txt (63.1 KB)
Part1.stl (160 KB)


You can add the following file types as attachments now: sldprt, stp, skp, dwg and dxf.

Oh good, that will make things simpler. THanks!

Thank you for being so helpful!

If anybody needs this, it is now in .pdf form found here: