Bed plate warped

I’ve noticed a problem with the bed plate.
It is warped, using a straight edge the plate bulges.

From the center of the bed to the tip of the nozzle there is no space, move out to any or all of the corners and I have about 1.5mm distance. Not sure why this is, not sure if I caused this. If someone else experienced this same issue.
Can you let me know what caused it. Also, is this something I can fix? Do I need to peal off the heating element from the borosilicate glass plate? Or should I just purchase a new plate? <-- clicky

See second page of posts, there’s a video I made.

Appears this is a very common thing, but it’s not the glass.
It’s the bars that the extruder travels across bending under the weight of the extruder as it traverses the X axis.