Bed won't stay aligned

I seem to have all kinds of trouble keeping the bed alignmet stable on my 101

I guess first I should ask what sort of alignment I should expect.

I put a indicator on the x carriage and from corner to corner (as far out to a corner as I can get with the indicator mounted) about the best I can do is +/- .02mm. And if I move the Z up and down, then measure the corners again, more often than not it’s somewhat different. Sometimes +/- .05mm different.

Am I chasing too much accuracy?

I’ve modified the z nuts to minimize backlash (that’s what started this adventure…I modified the z axis for spring loaded nuts and ball slides. the first install of those parts was so bad I backed them all out and restored all the origina parts.)

But at this point only the modded Z nuts are not original. So, I get it all aligned then heat it up and start a print and a signifcant part of the skirt does not adhere to the platform.

The same gcode file will work fine one day, then not the next.

…a bit frustrated at the moment. :confused:

How is your Z axis endstop adjustment screw? Is it relatively stiff and stable?

It’s the factory stock end stop.

I had that same exact problem on mine. What I eventually did that fixed the issue wast to take an inexpensive micrometer, cut the upper part of the “c” off then secure the remaining threaded adjustment piece to a printed bracket. The one I made was designed to fit my linear rail modification for the z axis of the ao 101 so it wouldn’t be a direct fit, but you can see that piece and the requisite files if you look on for the remix to project ao-taz. Posting for a phone otherwise I would post the link for you