Belt Drive Extruder

Hey I saw this new extruder design a little while ago but cant find it anymore and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Now i am not referring to what you find when you type belt drive extruder into google. I do not mean that it uses a belt to turn the hobbed bolt, I am referring to one without a hobbed bolt and used a belt to press against the pulley inside the extruder.

Anyone know what I am talking about or anything more about it? Good/Bad? Link to more info on it?

Funny, I stumbled across it this morning on 3D Hubs. Think this is what you are looking for?

Yeah, the Vaeder is most likely the one he is referring to. The other similar one is the librostruder, which doesn’t actually use a belt but uses the same general feed principle.

@deejayspinz YES that is exactly what I was talking about and couldn’t remember where I saw it.