Biqu H2 on Taz 6


Wondering if anyone has gotten a Biqu H2 to work on a Taz 6.

Keep us posted if you go down this road.
I would consider following your lead if it works out.
The Biqu H2 and other Hemera “clones” is what I have been looking for as the upgrade option when converting from 2.85mm to 1.75mm.
There are already a lot of mounting options for the Hemera and Trianglelab Matrix on a Lulzbot out there, so I think redesigning/remixing one of these mounts would be a good startpoint.
And since there is an offical Hemera Lulzbot toolhead(H175) there are other resources like startcodes(TAZ 6 H175: resources/gcodes/lulzbot_taz6_perca_start.gcode · master · LulzBot 3D / Cura-LE / CuraLE_Sidekick · GitLab) availible.

good luck

I have the H2 working great on my TAZ 5. Here is the head I created for it. Printables

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The head you created looks very professional :slight_smile:

One question:
Is the original v-shaped mount good enough or would it be an ide to add some extra screw points?
Have seen this in other mounts for newer extruders.

Thanks Sebastian, I use the V shape and it works great. You can add as many holes as you like, just be careful as the air flow runs through the back.


Hi Jeff,

Was there anything special with getting the Biqu to electrically connect to the Taz Rambo.

Ive heard the voltage is lower on the Biqu than the Taz extruder?.\

What Hotend and heat break did you use?

Nope, I did nothing to it, just wired it in and it works fine. I do have the 24V version of the HQ so the voltage was the same.