Board Game for the Blind : Santorini

A few months ago, Roxley Game Laboratory Kickstarted a game called Santorini and a backer named Matthew was looking for a game to play with his blind sister. This game came close to being blind friendly, but not quite. So, I reached out to Matthew and his sister and designed a version of Santorini for them to play. I designed the board to have raised areas for the spaces, which the buildings fit over. Each level of the buildings is a different shape so you can easily tell them apart by touch. the board and the levels have holes in them to hold the pawns. And the pawns are unique shapes as well. I printed everything on my Lulzbot Taz 5 3D printer and shipped them off to Matthew.

I also reached out to Roxley Game Laboratory to get their permission to make a video of the build, and to post the files on thingiverse for others to make. Roxley has been absolutely awesome with their help and support of this project.

Youtube video:
Thinigverse :

IMG_6377 by Targ’s Workshop, on Flickr

IMG_6379 by Targ’s Workshop, on Flickr

Very cool!

Thanks. This project was a blast to work on.