Broken part

On my new TAZ 2 the part in the Picture has split. What is this part called and are there any gcode file on this part that I could print with the standard nozzle.

That is the “Z nut Spring” and can be printed with the .5 nozzle
STL and gcode are here:

You will need to heat set inserts into it with a soldering iron to make it work. You can reuse the existing heat set inserts if you can extract them from your existing broken spring.

That particular part should not have failed on any pf the Taz 2’s yet though either. Print one to get yourself back up and running, but I would also contact customer service if i were you and have them send you a new retail one as well as it should be under warranty still.

There is also a dual nut upgraded variant by 1013 that you can find in the development threads or on thingiverse if you decide to upgrade that particular part since you have to print one anyways.


Support mail sent requesting a new part under warranty .

Hi there Johe, we will be shipping out a drop-in replacement for the part that broke, if you need help with swapping out the part just say so!


Can anyone at Lulzbot confirm that a new part is sent out. I get no respons to my e-mails sent to info or support.

Hey there Johe, be sure to check your other folders in your inbox sine multiple emails have been sent including the tracking info for the part. Please contact us if there is anything else we can help with!