Broken PSU Voltage Selector

Hi everybody.
I have received my TAZ 4 printer today.
When unboxing I have realized the PSU input voltage selector switch (110/230V) was lose inside the PSU.
I was unable to change the switch from 110 to 230V or back because it was totally out of place.

Then I have opened the PSU and have found the problem. The slider should be attached to a small PCB with four hooks. Two of them were out of place. It has a small spring inside that holds the switch in place once you select the 110/230 position.

Now I am able to move the switch up and down but, I do not know which position I should put the slide ! :frowning:
The switch is simetrical and can be placed up or down.

As you may know, the slide is placed near the AC power input.
My question for you is. In your PSU, if you would need to set the slide to 230V, do you slide the switch towards the AC input connector or to the oposite side ?


We’d prefer that you hold off on trying to use that power supply. We’d hate for anything to happen. We can get a replacement power supply moving to you- we’ll need some information to open a return. Please send in an email to the following information:

  • Order number

  • 3D printer serial number (found on the rear of the printer, at the base of the electronics enclosure)

  • Contact information

  • Shipping information

Once we have that we’ll be able to set things up and get a replacement on it’s way to you.


Now it is working, so I am not going to return the unit back to get a new PSU. Thanks!

By the way, there was also a piece of wire inside the unit moving freely around ! Scary! :open_mouth:

Orias, are you at Lulzbot checking the AC input switch as part of quality control ?


If you have a power supply with a problem, please discontinue use. We will send you a replacement power supply. Please contact



Jeff, I have already contacted Lulzbot support.

Second the notion of not using that PSU. We have a return open and you should be getting a replacement power supply with a return waybill for the original PSU. Additionally, we do check all the power supplies prior to shipping.

So I should wait for the new PSU to come without printing ? :cry:

Yes- for safety’s sake.