Bulldog Extruder Mount for TAZ

After looking long and hard for a way to mount a Bulldog Extruder, I developed my own. This is a working version and updates are in work.


Nice. Would be curious to hear some performance comparisons with the Gregs/Wade extruders.

What are the advantages of the bulldog extruder?

any update on this? I was thinking of trying this out myself.

Hey guys, thanks for the interest. Ive been using for a few weeks now. Here are my thoughts.


  1. Ive been having an issue from time to time where I will be extruding too fast and the hobbled bolt will grind the filament. The hobble bolt has a fine knurl on it that gets easily clogged. When its clogged the extruder slips and I will miss some print material on the thing I am printing. When this happens I open it up and clean it out. Im not sure if its a setting issue or maybe I am going to fast. I am still working through this. Its pretty easy to open it up and clean everything out. I rarely had this issue with the wade. I can live with this though.
  2. I can’t use my wonderful Buhhda nozzles.
  3. A force needs to be applied when adding putting in the filament for the first time. The Wade had a very nice accessible way of adding filament to the extruder that didn’t require any force on the extruder. There are two screws that allow you to loosen the forcing mechanism where the filament is forced onto the hobbled bolt, but in my current design that is a pain to get to. So what I do is start extruding and then push the filament into the extruder while extruding. Seems to be working fine but this could be improved I think.


  1. Its Quiet
  2. I like the simplicity of the design, less parts, well engineered, everything comes apart easily for cleaning.
  3. It does appear to control retractions more precisely, although I never really had an issue with the Wade.
  4. I would imagine it could handle high heat better if my lulz was in an enclosure.

    All in all I like it and have started using it as my primary extruder.

Can you share more photos of the setup? I saw the videos but it would be nice to see some still images