Buyer beware: only 30 day warranty on new tool heads

Just a warning to folks buying expensive parts like the dual extruder…

I bought the $500 dual extruder tool head as a gift for my daughter. A couple of months passed before we had a chance to install it. Unfortunately, the wiring provided is defective, and it’s out of warranty. Lulzbot is sending me a new wire, but it took some begging.

Lesson: test expensive parts right away and be aware of the lack of warranty.

I seems like it would behoove Lulzbot to include a standard one year warranty on tool heads.

Any idea how many new 3d printer users quickly break their first extrude hotend? Ill give you a hint, its a lot… You get people who melt them, who strip the threads taking them apart to clear a “jam” caused by mixing filament types and melt temperatures or because they have their first layer height too low. Who handle them too rough and break the thermistor, etc.

It is perhaps unfair to expect a company to offer a particularly long warranty on a part that 9 times out of 10 is broken by people who don’t know how to use their new precision instrument. The newer more solid all metal hotend are beginning to help with that, but the devices as a whole across the board are not yet foolproof.

I’ve never had any problem dealing with support. Your mileage may vary of course.

I have to agree that support has been great. Although, I know when I break something it is usually my fault and I pay for my learning’s.