Calibrate my mini 2?

I’m generally happy with my Mini 2 but I’ve run into a couple issues. Prints are rough on the left side, and taller on the left. I printed the 20mm calibration cube and the front, right and back sides are smooth, the left side is rough from top to bottom as if it doesn’t stop correctly when moving to the left, and when you look at it you can see that it transitions from a really clean print to not clean at all over the last 1cm.

As far as height, the cube measures 19.86mm on the right side and 20.47mm on the left.

How can I calibrate or clean up my prints? I found directions about calibrating the extruder and that helped a bit with the roughness but didn’t help the vertical issue.

Here’s a picture of the back side of the cube, you can easily see both issues.

I am a complete noob too.

What material is this? PLA and stock profiles?
PLA is dried out properly?

Assuming you leveled your X-axis?

Looks like your X gantry might have gotten out of level. Check both sides with a ruler

Follow these steps to level the X-axis on your LulzBot Mini 2:

  • Click the scroll wheel on the Graphical LCD Controller
  • Select “Motion”
  • Select “Level X-axis”

Try your cube print again and see how that changes your print.

Reach out to the support team with information on your filament brand, the slicing profile used, and any print images that show this if you’d like detailed help: