Calibrating the hot end (print head)

I was starting a new print and when the hot end was preforming the calibration, it didnt touch down in all four corners. It missed the two back circular discs. How can I calibrate my hot end so that it is accurately touching down on the PEI surface?

Hello Jim,

With your printer turned off, turn the silver coupler on the right Z axis motor (attaches the motor to the threaded rod) One full turn counter clockwise. Then start the print again and see if it will contact all 4 metal pads. You may have to go one additional turns counter clockwise, but i doubt it.
Please do this and then your printer should do the bed calibration fine!

I tried adjusting the right “Z” axis coupler and ran a test run. That didn’t work, it ended up binding the motor when it moved in the vertical direction. So I took the scale that it came with and made sure that both the left and right “Z” axis where the same height, then I physically adjusted the bed by loosening the screws and moving the bed ever so slightly. That seems to be working. Thank you for your advice.