Calibrating Too High

A few days ago, after a print only the right hand side stepper motor started to lift and the left hand side stepper didn’t move. Obviously this caused the X carriage to be skewed.
However, once I readjusted this it printed again satisfactorily.
The following day however it has now started calibrating too high.

It appears to either only just touch the pads in each order to calibrate the printer, or not touch them at all. But once the print starts, it is at least a millimetre off the print bed. I can place a business card on the printer bed and it runs over the top of it without touching it at all.

Can anyone provide any advice as to what might be wrong?
I can cleaned it several times, to no avail.


You may want to verify that you don’t have a bad driver on the RAMBo.
Please open Cura an go to machine and select your printer. Then please go to “install default firmware” and go through those steps.

Then please load a model and then go to “expert” and select “quickprint”. Then please go to filament and select your filament and the detail. Once you have done this, please open a control window and please just select “print”.

If the bed leveling still does not function, then please move the heat bed to the middle of the Y axis (manually) and the toolhead to the middle of the X axis (manually) and then enter M119 in the gcode bar of the control window.

If you are showing any “triggered” responses, then it will mean that you have either a bad end stop switch that is engaged all the time, or you will have a bad driver on the RAMBo.

You will want to test this first and then get in touch with, to see if it will be covered under warranty, or if you will need to do additional troubleshooting.
Hope that will help.

I will do this when I get home today, but why would the driver have suddenly turned bad?

What does the M119 code actually test?

As per your comments I have installed the firmware again, no change.

I have also used M119, but that didn’t appear to do anything if I am honest.

I am stumped again!!!

Can I not just set the Z level to lower? So it starts lower than it does now? I can visually see it is higher than it should be, after printing hundred of items, you get used to where it parks before it starts printing and you can see that it is higher - by around 1-2mm I would guess.
Any advice?

(I have also sent you a Facebook message as before as well)

Hello Paul,

The M119, will just give you an end stop status report. You need to see if any of the end stops are triggered, once you enter it. If so it will indicate an issue there.(if your heat bed and tool head are in the middle of their travel)
You may also want to enter a M851 command so that you can see where your Z offset is at. That can be adjusted, if that is the only issue.

If you get back to support with the results of those Gcode entries, then they may be able to help you.