Calibration Cube Usege?


I just printed a 25x25x25mm calibration cube with a wall thickness of 3mm. When checking with my calipers I’m getting 25.23mm wide, 25.22mm deep, 25.02mm tall and 3.25mm wall thickness.

Question are, what is an acceptable tolerance?
Are these acceptable tolerances?
If not, what do I need to do to correct them?

Thanks much!

That’s on the high side. Try reducing your flow % by 1-2% and measure again. If you are overextruding a bit you’ll wind up on the high side. Keep bumping down your flow and see if you get closer to your target.

Have you already calibrated your z-steps? I was overextruding and found I had to bump mine down a bit from what was shipped form the factory. Even after I dialed that in as closely as I could using the “extrude 100 mm test” I found I still need to knock a few % off the flow rate to avoid over-extruding.