Can a Lulzbot Mini do this?

I am in the process of starting a small business for my wife to run.

If there is a flat piece say .10" tall by 1"w x 1"d and I run a line (freecad would call it a pocket) across the face .005" wide by .010" deep running from one end to the other. Will it show up? What about .01" wide by .01" deep?

How long would a print .10" high by 2" by 2" take (time) approximately at a very high quality setting?

You can make a feature about as narrow as the nozzle itself, so 0.5mm wide or so on a very well dialed in mini, that assuming you do the model correctly , and have flow dialed in, you could be expected to read. Raised surfaces are usually easier. With a 0.2mm nozzle on super high quality settings, a .10" thick 2" x 2" thing would probably take an hour or two. There are many variables there.

When getting down to small detailed parts, things seem to work much better, for me at least, if I create the model with Z dimensions in multiples of the layer height and X,Y dimensions in multiples of the nozzle diameter.