Can I buy a V3 dual hotend part yet?

I would like to buy one of the V3 dual hotend assemblies for use with project Streudalstreuder-v3 Dual edition. Any chance you would sell me one? Just the metal lower bit.

Thank you,

Email sales support directly, they’ll get you an answer in a day and seem to be open to something like that?

The heatsink looks a lot like the Chimera/Cyclops cold side.

Use the Hexagon heat block and Lulzbot thermistor cartridge…

The slide in heat brakes are the issue. They don’t thread in the same.

I have the V3 on a Taz 6. The auto leveling aligns the left nozzle on the left side of the bed and the right nozzle on the right side of the bed. So far it seems to work well. For dual extrusion I’ve mainly been using esun PLA+ and PVA for support. The most difficult part is getting the settings correct. I’ve got it to work but I need to take the time to run tests to determine the exact settings. I’ve used ABS in the extruders but haven’t tried with HIPS yet. Probably after the holidays.