Can I Repair a Sliced/Cut PET Sheet (12"x12")

I have been working with my new TAZ 4 printer and all has gone well. After multiple ABS prints I had greater difficulty in removing the print. I have been using the Luzlbot clam knife. Unfortunately today I accidentally sliced (0.5" long slize) into the PET Sheet. I have replacement sheets on order but that does not help me today. I am probably using too much Lulz Juice before each print.

My question is this: Does anyone have any suggestions for temporarily repairing a slice in the PET Sheet? It is still attached to the sheet. I do not know if I could get by re-adhering it using an Elmer’s glue stick.


If you can’t just move your next print to an undamaged area of PET, I have used kapton tape to cover damaged areas of PET.

Careful with the Lulzjuice. I’m learning less is more.

Thank you for the response. I agree. Regarding Lulzjuice, less is more. I have a concept for easy removal of printed objects based upon my engineering efforts at work. I think one could fabricate a thin flat metal plate (steel or aluminum) that could be temporarily mounted on the heated bed using painters tape. Being careful to home the Z axis to the new height, one could apply Lulzjuice to the plate. Allowing adequate time for plate/bed heating (one may have to raise the actual temperature of the heated bed), one could print on the plate. Upon completion of the print, one would remove the plate by removing the painters tape. I believe you could easily remove the printed object by simply flexing the plate.