can not print a gear need help

for some reason this is the only part i cant print. and was told the file is fine printed every gear but this one fails at 10% every time. im using a mini with just standard settings any help with what im doing wrong would be great.

im using cura 3.21 le

it just stops printing at 10% prints fine up to that point then justs stops every time. im using pla just all standard settings for the pla dont realy know to much about settings just like printing things and putting them together.also get this when it fails . Error:checksum mismatch, Last Line: 13048 < [17:23:58] USBPrinterOutputDevice: Resending from: 13049

im just going to go back to my software and firmware that came with my printer. i had no problems printing them till i got the Aerostruder and had to change the software and firmware just a waist i cant use the new print head.
Gear Idler Large.stl (753 KB)

We need more information. Define “fails at 10%”.

-Does the printer just stop?
-Does the part start to look poor?
-Does the part come unadhered from the bed?

Does the part look good up until that point? Is the part doing solid layers at the time or infill layers? What material? What print settings?

A little more info would really help.

So i see people have downloaded the file am I the only one who has problems printing the gears?

jim2386 was right on the money, could we see some photos of the failed prints? Get a bit more information about how exactly the print is failing? It’s really hard to say what is happening without knowing more about how the prints are failing.

theres nothing wrong with the way they look it just stops printing at 10%

Is that an error from Octoprint? If not, disregard this post.

If so, there was a known issue / incompatibility that plagued Prusa (Marlin) firmware. Gina posted a workaround. I don’t remember exactly which setting they were, but I have the following settings in the Serial Connection / Firmware & Protocol tab (click on the Advanced Settings):

So you say you’re printing from octoprint.

Have you tried printing the gear directly from cura on a PC with a direct USB connection. This would confirm or deny there’s an issue with octoprint/faulty SD card. I’ve seen a fault SD card be the problem with failed prints numerous times.

Make sure you have your computer set so that it will never go to sleep and slice and print the solid directly from the computer and let us know the results.