Can the Flexystruder print other materials?

I’m really liking the idea of printing ninjaflex, but don’t care for the idea of constantly swapping extruders. Can the flexystruder print ABS and such? I know I can get a flexydual, but right now I’m content with a single extruder.

Yes it can. The reason most people do not use it for that, is the ABS is more abrasive than the flexible filliaments and will wear out the lining faster. You can buy a 2 foot section of the lining for about $2.00 from Mcmaster Carr, and it takes about 3 minutes to swap the lining out so its not a huge deal, but that is why it isn’t reccommended.

Thanks. Can it print all the different materials that the original extruder can?

I’ve only tried it with ABS, but it should be able to print all of them, with the understanding that the lining will wear out faster and need replacement.

So technically with the flexidually setup, you can print ABS-FLEXi stuff and ABS-ABS(other)…??? :question:

So basically what I really want to know is what is the difference in quality with flexystruder vs. Regular. I print with e3d all metal hot end, and I print with alot of alloy 910 and other taulman products like pet, amphora, and tpe. Has anyone tested the difference in quality from flexy to reg for these materials?

If anyone has tried it, I’m curious to know how long the lining lasts with another material or mix of materials. If one can print, say, 1KG before having to swap the liner, that’s not so bad.

Difference between Flexi and normal ectruder: The Flexi doesnt have the idler arm (and springs). To keep the filament path straight, it uses a PTFE tube as a guide. A screw applies tension against the tube (and filament) to create the contact against the hobbed bolt.

So there may be some wear on the PTFE when using harder/normal filament. The tubing is replaceable…