Can't Clear Cache on Mac -bash: m: command not found

In this spiral of fixing new issues with the Taz 6 before I can address my original issue. The roll out of buggy firmware has made my journey with Lulzbot very unpleasant. The latest one is the bug introduced in 3.6.33 which makes all prints start with a filament change at 140 degrees. Others have reported this issue as another goof. Now when I try to install the latest version with the fix when I clear the cache on a mac using the code m -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/cura-lulzbot I get -bash: m: command not found any clues?

I had the same filament change issue when I recently updated my Taz 6 firmware. If you go to the Configuration menu and look for “runout sensor” turn it off. Then scroll to the bottom and store the settings. That will cure the filament change issue. I’m not sure why the firmware would default to that setting since a runout sensor is not part of a standard Taz 6 but it apparently does.

Thanks any clues on the clearing cache error?

No, I use a Raspberry Pi for the server and access it via the web page in Windows. I don’t know anything regarding Macs.

Looks like you have a typo in your command – the command to use is “rm” not “m”.

Another “goofy” on the Lulzbot side, see attached the copy and paste version is missing the “r” but it is shown in the screen capture. Makes me think I’m the only one using this unit lol

The Unix command is ‘rm’ (short for ‘remove’) not ‘m’ (that’s a typo).

The command translates to mean:

rm (remove) -rf (r = recursively through all sub-directories, f = force deletion even if files are marked read-only) ~/Library/Application\ Support/cura-lulzbot

The tilde (~) is the Unix shot-cut meaning the starting point is the user’s HOME directory.
So under your home directory you have a Library folder. Inside that you’ll find an “Application Support” folder. Only spaces will fool the system into thinking that what this is the end of the parameter and it wont realize the space is in the filename. So the \ character means to ignore special interpretation of the NEXT CHARACTER and treat it as a literal (so it realizes the space is actually part of the filename).

You could go into Finder, navigate to that cura-lulzbot folder … and drag it to trash to do the same thing this command does.

Do you have a link to where you took that screenshot from by chance?
We can definitely get that fixed up to help others!